Our Top Verticals

Our solutions have been designed and optimized to support numerous verticals. Our core expertise and focus is in Job Search, Travel and eCommerce.

Job Search



Job Boards and Media Companies

Implementing all our top solutions together helps our clients make the most both from users who are using their site and users that are leaving it.

We increase engagement and revenues by focusing on these 3 user behaviours:

Job Clicks
Users that click on job links and leave your site
[Intelligent Clicks]
On-site usage
Users that are currently using your site
[Browser Notifications]
Exiting Users
Users that are done using your site
[Exit Intent Recognition]

Job Networks

As Job Networks usually do not host the job pages themselves, they can not fully benefit from the large volumes of job seekers that go through them. Our solution enables Job Networks to drastically increase engagement.

No changes to the network
No effect on advertisers / employers
18-35% more applications and clicks


By providing a wide variety of user experiences combined with highly relevant personalized content, we are able to make each and every engagement meaningful, thereby significantly increasing the users lifetime value.

Intelligent Clicks

  • Monetize outgoing clicks

Instant Apps

  • Get more from mobile users

Notifications Solution

  • Effective long term engagement

Exit Intent Recognition

  • Turn existing users into new revenues


  • Personalized real time response 24/7


  • Comming soon

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